Dr. Henry Reitzug, a pediatrician, began serving with Medical Teams International during the Kosovo War in 1999. Over the next seventeen years his volunteer relief work took him to the far reaches of four continents. His upcoming book Seasons with Sojourners shares his insights and experiences; this blog will feature snippets from the book.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Dear Henry, you will never guess. Not only am I writing from Da Nang, becoming friends with my brother&sister Bob & Kathleen , but also looking for ways to help the young polio crowd in the land. Not sure exactly how I even found your heart-blog. Your love to care about those in need – such a great example of being able to clearly see ‘ the wonderful works of His hands’. On our own we are not capable of any true love, compassion. But He enables us to do good, it’s a gift ‘ Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights….’ . As I read what you share, I am overwhelmed with gratefulness, how He enables you and others, displaying all of His own attributes through love, compassion, grace, patience. I’m really blessed to have found your blog.
    PS: Herr Reitzug, you also have my favorite grandson’s name :0)


    1. Thank you Bob. I was truly blessed by my experience in DaNang with Bob and Kathleen and inspired by their life of service. The book Seasons with Sojourners will come out in April and they are mentioned in it. May God bless you in the work He has ordained for you. Henry


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"bringing Christ's love to the least of these"

Seasons with Sojourners

"bringing Christ's love to the least of these"


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